Oct 12

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Unlinking Garmin Ant agent from Garmin Connect account

I have recently created a new Garmin Connect account but whatever I did I could not get the Garmin Ant agent to upload data to the new account, it remained locked to the old account. Even if I uninstalled and reinstalled it, it did not break the link. Looking around the forums a few people have had the same problem and haven’t been able to figure it out. Here’s the solution:

  1. Shutdown Garmin Ant agent by right clicking on it and clicking exit
  2. Uninstall the Garmin Ant agent from your PC by going to Control Panel – Programs – Uninstall Programs, select Garmin Ant Agent and hit uninstall
  3. Go to ‘C:\Users\your user account name\AppData\Roaming\GARMIN\’ and delete the folder called ‘Garmin’
  4. Restart your PC
  5. Reinstall the Garmin Ant agent
  6. Now start the Ant agent, insert the USB dongle and re-establish the link with your watch (if you don’t remember how to do this look at your manual)
  7. Once the Ant agent links to your watch it will ask you fro the username and password for your Garmin Connect Account. Put your new account details in.

That’s it, should all work fine now with the Ant agent linked to your new account. All you will have to do now is copy your data from your old Connect account to your new one.

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  1. Jason

    Have you tried this on a Mac? Haven’t gotten it to work yet.

  2. Bob

    Why not just remove the device from within the program:
    -Right click tray icon>device settings
    -Select device from list>click Remove Device
    -Then re-pair watch and setup new account.
    No point deleting all the settings and data for any other watches as well by deleting the entire Garmin folder

  3. Jason Beck


    I tried just deleting the device, but when I reconnected the device (my watch) it was still paired with the wrong Garmin account. (I have two accounts because the one I created at my.garmin.com would not work when I tried to login at connect.garmin.com… but then when I accidentally used the my.garmin.com when using ANT+ Agent, it did accept that login. So my runs were split between two accounts.)

    Unfortunately, OP, on Windows 8, even deleting that folder was not enough to break the link, either. It’s still linking to my incorrect account. How frustrating!


  4. Jason Beck

    I found a forum thread that does work – if you switch on “Force Send” on the watch, this time it does cause the username prompt to appear!


  5. Running Trails

    Glad you cracked it. It shouldn’t have to be so hard

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